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Leader, coach, trainer, mentor, husband, and father.

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I have worked in education for over 20 years, first as a classroom teacher, then as a school administrator, and eventually as a district leader.  My training as a musician has influenced my views on leadership, empowering me to access both the creative and logical aspects of my brain.  I have seen many programs rise and fall - including those I supported, and through those successes and failures, I have learned five key values which serve as the foundation to the work I now do: 

  • Finding Joy in every circumstance, no matter how hard;

  • Keeping Faith in someone larger than me who has my best interest at heart;

  • Holding Hope that my best days are still to come (and that I can help bring them about);

  • Offering Love to others, because we all need someone who believes in us; and

  • Giving Grace to each person I meet, recognizing I am where I am by grace, and we all are doing the best we can with what we have.

My goal as a presenter, facilitator, coach, and leader is to support individuals and systems to reach the goals they set. I work with all my clients to identify the desired outcomes they hold for both themselves and their teams. Then, as the path forward constantly becomes more clear, I support them as they achieve their goal(s). And I would love to support you on your journey! 

For those to whom it is important, I hold degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction), East Carolina University (Masters of School Administration), and Palm Beach Atlantic College (Bachelors of Music Education).  My areas of expertise include teacher leadership, coaching, group collaboration, team building, and leadership development. I am the author of numerous articles and over $25m in grants throughout my career (all listed on the research page).  I've created leadership programs for students and adults, and served as a leader in church and community groups.

I love to bike, read, play with our golden retriever, and (when I have time) play guitar by the campfire in our backyard. I'm comfortable in the big city (having grown up outside Chicago), the remote woods (having spent my growing-up summers fishing on the lake and exploring in the north woods of Wisconsin), or the beach (having attended college in West Palm Beach, FL). Mostly, though, I'm at home wherever I'm able to hang out with my wife of 20+ years and our daughters (after whom C4 was named).

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