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Faith | Family | Wholeness | Grace | Humility

To borrow a word from one of my coaches, C4 does not have values, rather, we have convictions. Convictions are deeper than values and more than commitments; convictions are those things we hold so true that we fight and sacrifice for them.  These internal convictions come to life through external behaviors:


The world does not revolve around me, nor am I the most important person in it. This life is only a foretaste of what is to come, and when it is over I will answer for the work I’ve done and how I’ve treated people.

This means you can expect me to:

  • Put client needs before my own, viewing my role as one of service;

  • Perform my job to the highest standards, with integrity and excellence.


Healthy families are accepting, encouraging, loving, and (at times), challenging; they are places we can grow, be vulnerable, and find people who lift us up. My family inspires me to be the best I can be, and grounds me to what is important.

This means you an expect me to:​

  • Cultivate a psychologically safe culture in trainings and coaching where participants feel accepted, encouraged, loved, and appropriately challenged;

  • ​Talk about and honor my family. 


Our personal, professional, and spiritual lives should align and be congruent - all moving in the same direction.  

This means you can expect me to:

  • Challenge and support others to balance work and home responsibilities;

  • Encourage people to identify a larger purpose and source of satisfaction outside of themselves;

  • Help people find their purpose, discovering their worth from within rather than outside;

  • Coach people around wholeness and integration.


I am where I am today as a result of others' help, and just as I have my own struggles and trials of which others know little or nothing about, I can not know everything another person is going through.  

This means you can expect me to:

  • Give people the benefit of the doubt and seek to understand; 

  • Treat others as I want to be treated;

  • Start with trust (rather than making people “earn” my trust);

  • Focus on solutions and not problems;

  • Separate people from problems (people aren’t problems).


As someone with multiple degrees and extensive experience, I am confident that I am educated and skilled. At the same time, there is much more to learn and master. While I have much to offer, I definitely am not the expert on your (or anyone's) life or circumstances, and to assume I know best is, at the very least, presumptuous - if not pompous arrogance.  

This means you can expect me to:

  • Engage in continuous growth and learning by staying abreast of current research around the topics I teach;

  • Seek out new perspectives and explanations by asking questions of others and listening to understand rather than respond;

  • Offer my experience and perspective as one perspective rather than the only perspective, and only do so when asked.

My Convictions: About
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