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The goal of Data Driven Dialogue is to apply a three-phase model for using data to focus a group's attention and energy

Data has no meaning except what we bring to it.  What is difficult, however, is that we are often unaware of the meaning we are brining to the data we see.  In this seminar, teams will learn and apply practical structures and strategies for using data to guide a group's attention and focus. Participants will:

  • Explore methods for surfacing multiple perspectives and frames of reference;

  • Use the three phases of a Cycle of Inquiry to guide data conversations;

  • Understand common dilemmas groups face in using data effectively;

  • Practice three modes of discourse;

  • Learn and apply tools for talking about data.

This seminar can be either 2, 3, or 4 days long, depending on the desired outcomes.  Shorter seminars focus on developing understanding of the formal cycle of inquiry while longer seminars provide additional time to explore and develop specific skills in facilitation to support group facilitators.  Contact me to discuss ideas and strategies to best customize this seminar for your needs.​ 

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