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The goal of Adaptive Schools Seminars is to develop the collective identity and capacity of organization members as collaborators and inquirers and leaders.

Individuals invest significant time in meetings and groups where they are asked to "collaborate" or "work together," but rarely are they provided with the tools to collaborate well.  As a result, many people find meetings to be struggles (at best) or a waste of time (at worst).  The Adaptive Schools Foundations seminar aims to address this gap between expectation and common experience.

Through an application of the Seven Norms of Collaboration in extensive dialogue and discussion, participants in this four-day seminar will develop:

  • An understanding of research findings regarding professional community in schools

  • An understanding why and how becoming adaptive is critical for group and organizational success

  • Structures and processes for collaborative conversations

  • Structures and standards for successful meetings

This four-day seminar can be offered in several different configurations - everything from four consecutive days to four individual days with gaps between each day.  Please contact me for ideas on the best way to offer it within your organization.

Adaptive Schools Foundations Seminar: Services
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