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Leadership is multi-faceted, and leading well requires one to simultaneously operate using different identities and competencies: leaders lead groups, they lead individuals, they lead whole organizations, and they lead themselves.  Whether you're looking to grow in one of these areas or several, C4 Coaching & Consulting is standing by to support you on your journey.

With nearly 25 years of experience in education, I am uniquely qualified to support individuals and systems in implementing collaborative inquiry, coaching, leadership development, and teacher-leader roles by drawing on my real-world experience to inform, illustrate, and apply the concepts in the seminars and coaching I provide. On this website, you will find information about how I can support your transformation to reach your leadership goals.

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Each of the multi-day seminars listed below focus on developing leadership I a different form - from leading self to leading individuals to leading teams and systems.  Short descriptions are provided here, with more detailed outcomes and training structures available when you click "More Information"

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Supporting Individuals

Cognitive Coaching is a specific method of providing 1:1 coaching support to individuals which focuses on mediating the thinking of another individual in the pursuit of behavior change and improved performance.  Effective leaders are able to support individual growth not only using the traditional roles of consulting, collaborating, and evaluating; they recognize that coaching is essential in leading others to deep and long-term change.

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Coaching is the premier strategy to support you in reaching your growth and development goals.  With over 10 years of experience as a coach who also trains and mentors coaches, I am able to support leaders in both periodic and on-going coaching.  To better support my clients, I am certified in multiple coaching assessments and tools. Contact me for more information on how I can support you and your growth.

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Growing as a Leader

Being an effective leader is not a nebulous concept - we now know what great leaders look like, what they do, and how to grow them.  Using 360-degree survey data, the LCP profile provides clear insights into both the leadership behaviors you demonstrate and some of the unseen reasons you engage in the behaviors - both those which support you and those which can be potentially de-railing.



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"The Adaptive Schools training has been the single most important training that I have had an educator. The importance of mindfulness...when you speak with others has made a huge difference with me being a grade-level chair, with me being a mentor, talking about data, all of that kind of stuff. It really opened my eyes.”

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